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But I guess while I’m here…

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do you ever see a character that’s worshipped by a fandom and go “you’re not that great”

being in a fandom long term: urrrrrrrrrrgh not this shitty argument again we've covered this

If your story is weak it has very little to do with the visuals.

Yes, visuals are awesome and can be very useful/practical but if your initial concept is weak then no amount of flashy graphics will ultimately save your story. Seriously.





The winx club people are pissing me off with their transformations…

Winx Club had a very interesting and unique concept with the idea magical girls transforming into fairies but now they’re getting away from it. Rather than carve its own way, it just hops on the bandwagon and goes with what’s popular. It’s a real shame.

Be negative all you want but personally I don’t see anything wrong with playing homage to other magical girl based shows and whatnot. Winx Club has plenty of it’s own original content, and if you play close enough attention most animated shows these days are filled with nods and references to other pop culture content. Heck, Motorcity (while not a magical girl series) was FILLED with references to other media with one of the most notable bits being in the finale where Mike’s car Mutt turned into a motorcycle and did a sideways slide. The way it was storyboarded/animated it was an obvious tribute to the famous shot in Akira and it was awesome.

Seriously though this stuff happens waaaay more than a lot of people realize it so I wouldn’t sweat it and there’s nothing wrong with giving a nod to your predecessors. It’s not even like they’re going and ripping the animation, the timing and movements are clearly different in their own way. They’re clearly inspired and that’s totally cool.

The problem isn’t even with the references. It’s great and cool if you can identify them but if one takes them all out, Winx Club can barely stand on its own feet now.

I highly doubt that taking a few frames out of a 20 second animation sequence would destroy a show. If a show is doing badly or void of it’s own original content is had very little with the storyboard artists and animators throwing in the occasional reference to other media. If it can’t stand on its own 2 feet it has far more to do with the core concept and the writing.

Okay. I think I’ve thoroughly made my point about the animation homages thing. Time for me to roll over and go back to bed.




Everyone else is like, “Sanic was in Steven Universe!” Yeah, that’s cool, but honestly…


Steven Universe and Utena? Two of my favorite things, right there, folks.

(Oh hey, first time making gifs.)



Ah! Here’s the post I was looking for.

Here Winx fandom, an entire tv tropes list outlining various parody/homage material in other media. Interesting read and proof that it’s not a new concept or shameful to make references to other media.

I wasn’t even looking for this one, but here’s something that came on my facebook feed via Rue Morgue.